Will Obesity Reduce the Effectiveness of COVID-19 Vaccines?

A vaccine is typically utilized to raise neutralizing antibody levels in the body so that an individual can be protected. While there are several promising COVID-19 vaccines already in the final stages of clinical trials, there are also concerns on how effective those vaccines are in producing immunity to the novel coronavirus against patients battling obesity.

According to Chris Xu, CEO of ThermoGenesis Malaysia, “Researchers believe that due to increased production of leptin (which correlates with body fat mass) and fat, the obese population has a more difficult time gaining vaccine-induced antibody protection”.

In fact, people with obesity can often produce healthy levels of antibodies following a vaccine but still display less protection from a virus because of other inflammation-induced deficiencies in the body’s immune response. Generally, these inflammation-induced deficiencies can attack the vaccine and make it less effective.

That could spell trouble if the eventual COVID-19 vaccines induce a weaker immune response in people with obesity.

Make sure to watch what you eat and take necessary precautions to lose that extra weight during this pandemic!

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